NIS on Environmental Projects on the Environmental Protection Fair

October 14, 2016

On this year's Energy Fair, NIS presented its project of waste water treatment plant construction in Novo Miloševo During the presentation given on NIS stand on the final day of the 12th International Energy Fair and 13th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection, it was stated that, in all its business segments, NIS attached great importance to environmental protection by continuous application of the latest technological solutions, such as the case with the Novo Miloševo plant. Svetlana Bošković, Expert Coordinator from the Environmental Protection Department, NIS HSE, said during the presentation that the construction of the waste water treatment plant on Novo Miloševo reserve mud pit was the investment worth around RSD 122,000,000, and the start-up was expected in December 2016. The construction of this plant, for which NIS has obtained all required permits, will have a positive effect on the environment. The maximum designed capacity is 114 cubic meters of treated water per day, and water quality control will be conducted in all phases of the treatment. Being a socially responsible company, NIS seeks to use natural resources rationally and to minimize negative effects on the environment. Environmental protection is one of the main priorities and an integral part of the Company's efficient management strategy. During the presentation, NIS' goals in the field of environmental protection were also presented, including preservation, improvement and sustainable use of natural resources, continuous improvement of production processes aimed at reduction of environmental impacts, permanent education of all employees in the field of environmental protection, and compliance of business operations with legal regulations and international standards.