NIS opened “Laboratory of Knowledge” at Novi Sad PMF

June 17, 2014

A new "Laboratory of Knowledge" has been officially launched at the Physics Department within the Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, which had been adapted and outfitted by NIS for students’ training. The newly-inaugurated laboratory provides students with exquisite conditions for scientific research projects. The lab will serve as a venue for general physics courses for students, but will also welcome talented high school pupils to prepare for regional competitions. NIS greatly facilitated the development of sciences by granting scholarships to the most successful pupils and students. The Company provided equipment for classrooms, donated computers and other technical equipment, and organized Olympiads. NIS invested 30,000 euros in the renovation and equipping of the "Laboratory of Knowledge", with a view to improve conditions for research and scientific development of young people. Adaptation of the "Laboratory of Knowledge" has been completed within NIS "Power of Knowledge" corporate programme, which features the company’s cooperation agreements with universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as almost 20 individual faculties of the two major universities in the country. This cooperation grants scholarships to the best performing university and high school students. It also includes organizing competitions and Olympiads in mathematics, chemistry, physics and Russian language, internship program, additional training of staff, knowledge deepening and implementation of joint research projects. Last year alone, the company invested nearly 50 million dinars in support of education and educational institutions in Serbia. "NIS is a company focused on business, but above all socially responsible. Investing in education is one of the most important segments of our social responsibility, which is proven in our "Power of Knowledge" corporate programme. We are particularly interested in investing in sciences and students who study in these university departments, as this is the profile that is in incessant demand in our company. Renovation and equipping of laboratories at the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad has been carried out with the idea that this laboratory enables students to attend courses in physics, to prepare for competitions and the excellent conditions for work on projects, "said Andrei Shibanov Deputy CEO of NIS.