NIS opened the first ship bunkering terminal

March 14, 2012

NIS has started a new activity – safe supply of ships and shipping companies with high quality fuel at major waterway routes in Serbia, by opening a bunker station for ships in Novi Sad, i.e. terminals at which vessels will be supplied with fuel. The two independent lines will operate at the newly opened Bunker Station. The first line is intended for internal market, while the second line, as a customs warehouse, is intended for ships travelling outside Serbia where the fuel price is exempted from VAT and excise duties. Fuel quality is guaranteed and is governed by international rules. In order to protect the environment, there is modern equipment in the form of floating membranes and skimmers for removal of fuel from water both at the installations and bunker station. NIS goal is to become the leader in the local market in the forthcoming years in the field of bunkering. In order to reach the set goals, this year, the company plans to open other two bunker stations in Smederevo and at the border with Croatia. Furthermore, the company plans to open special bunker stations for supplying boats and yachts, as well as purchase a vessel which would supply large passenger ships. The joint market appearance with the "Marin Bunker" – a daughter company of the Gazprom Neft in the Romanian market is also expected. Needs of local shipping companies and foreign fleets travelling through Serbia annually exceed 40.000 tons. Therefore, these business activities of the Company will considerably improve supplying. According to the words of CEO of NIS a.d. Novi Sad, Mr Kiril Kravchenko, "The opening of the first bunker station is another step made by NIS towards business diversification. In this business we try to reach the end-customers and offer them high quality fuel and services. Now, vessels will become our clients".