NIS Opens the First Training Centre for Scarce Jobs

January 28, 2015

On that occasion, the official ceremony for training centre opening was held today and attended by NIS management representatives and Deputy Mayor of Zrenjanin, Mr. Saša Santovac. In cooperation with Zrenjanin town administration and the Ministry of Sports and Youth, NIS facilitated the organization of these trainings which, apart from NIS employees, can be attended also by attendees from specialized educational institutions of the municipality and in this way get trained for work in oil industry. “We would like to thank to NIS and the town of Zrenjanin for its care of future human resources. Owing to NIS, today we have the first training centre of this kind in our municipality. This is only the continuation of a great cooperation between the town administration and the Company, which was initiated by educational projects. As a result of this cooperation, NIS will obtain professional staff, while Zrenjanin will have satisfied young people who have a chance to be educated and work in their own town“, said Saša Santovac. In this training centre, future staff will be trained to work on the drilling and work-over rig on the following posts: auxiliary worker, chief toolpusher, shift leader and assistant shift leader in the drilling and work-over rig. Upon successful completion of the training course, all attendees will obtain the certificate issued by the Technical High School from Zrenjanin with the job title “Oil and Gas Production Units Operator”. All attendees who have previously graduated from technical high schools in Zrenjanin will have the opportunity to get additional training or retraining. “The training centre is a special educational institution which will enable acquisition of knowledge and skills in the area of our business. The most experienced professionals from our Company will work on training future staff in this centre“, said Salvat Munipov, Director of Services in NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad. Upon Company’s initiative, the Technical School has re-launched the course for acquiring the job title “Oil and Gas Production Units Operator“, to be attended by 30 students in 2014/2015 school-year, who will be automatically qualified to work in oil industry upon completion of education, while during the course they will be able to attend internship programme in NIS training centre. Also, the Company will cooperate with the Technical College “Mihajlo Pupin” from Zrenjanin, whose students will have the opportunity to attend the internship program within this training centre. “This is one step more that our Company has made in providing support to this municipality and this country. I would like to thank to Zrenjanin town administration for its support in the implementation of this significant project", said Andrey Shibanov, Director of Organizational Affairs, NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad.