NIS Organized “Driver Challenge 2” – Professional Drivers Competition

October 28, 2013

With the goal of promoting traffic safety, prevention of traffic accidents, and improvement of traffic culture, NIS and Naftagas Transport, which is responsible for road transportation in the Company, organized in Zrenjanin, second year in a row, the professional drivers competition called "Driver Challenge 2". "Driver Challenge 2" is one of the Company's activities aimed at testing theoretical knowledge, traffic regulations, and practical driving skills, with an overall goal of improving traffic culture and the level of knowledge of traffic safety. The competition which was organized in Zrenjanin, at NIS' "New Complex", was attended by NIS' professional drivers of passenger and freight vehicles, as well as by other Company employees. In this way, by virtue of theory test and drivers competition on the training ground, the Company tested know-how and driving skills, at the same time, through socializing and competitive spirit, bringing drivers into spotlight, as major participants in traffic safety. Beside the competition, the Company vehicle show was organized, as well as an HSE drill in cooperation with the representative of the Ministry of Interior. Apart from NIS' employees, the event was attended by the representatives of the Traffic Safety Agency, Ministry of Interior, Military Forces, Provincial Secretariat of Road Transportation, and universities. Further information: NIS j.s.c. and its subsidiary Naftagas Transport are among the most active participants in traffic safety in Serbia, as a company with over 1300 passenger and freight vehicles, covering over 28 million kilometres per year. NIS's vision in this field is to achieve a high level of security and safety and set positive trends in terms of continuous decrease in the number of traffic accidents, following the example of EU transportation company with the best results in traffic safety. NIS' traffic safety improvement activities: -cooperation with competent state institutions -application of safe driving Standards and other internal documents in the field of transportation -improvement of drivers' skills and competences through training in the National Driving Academy ("NAVAK") - promotion of the GPS vehicle tracking systems - renewal of vehicle pool (around 100 new vehicles have been purchased in 2013) Activity results: -decrease in the number of traffic accidents in 2013 as opposed to the same period in 2012 by 6.1 per cent. Out of the total number of traffic accidents, the majority are classified as small accidents -89%, medium - 11%, whereas, this year, there have not been any severe traffic accidents - 0%.