NIS organized professional drivers competition – “Vozački izazov

November 17, 2012

With the goal of promoting traffic culture, improving traffic safety and developing competitive spirit, a professional driving competition – DRIVING CHALLENGE was held at the new NIS facilities in Zrenjanin on November 17. The competition was attended by NIS professional drivers of passenger and freight vehicles. The objective of the competition was to test the know-how and driving skills in theory and practice, and to raise the safety awareness of both professional drivers and all company employees. Besides NIS employees, the competition was attended by the representatives of the Traffic Safety Agency, Traffic Directorate of the Military Forces, Traffic Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and other guests. NIS j.s.c. is one of the major participants in traffic safety being the company with a large vehicle fleet, covering thousands of kilometres per day and being exposed to constant risk. NIS employees drive transportation vehicles in various conditions and are obliged to abide by the applicable traffic regulations and implement measures prescribed by the Traffic Safety Law and other laws and regulations of Republic of Serbia, as well as international regulations in the area of transportation of dangerous goods. NIS proactively participates in increasing the level of traffic safety in Serbia and directly cooperates with competent government institutions, such as: the Ministry of Interior, Traffic Safety Agency, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, etc. In the previous two years NIS adopted several documents in the area of traffic and transportation, including the following: Standard on Traffic Safety, Rulebook on Internal Control and Traffic Safety, Traffic Safety Policy, Rulebook on Utilising Passenger Vehicles at Naftagas – Transport d.o.o. and other. With the goal of preventing drivers and all traffic participants, daily activities are implemented regarding raising traffic participant awareness, control and equipment of transportation means, training, informing and education, and testing of driving skills of professional drivers and users of company cars. Moreover, extra activities are undertaken to renew the vehicle fleet which will additionally raise the level of traffic safety. 460 new vehicles were purchased in this year alone. The current average age of the vehicle fleet at the Company is 2.5 years. With the implementation of these activities, the number of accidents is reduced on a yearly basis, while the number of accidents in 2012 is 11 per cent lower than in 2011. From the total number of traffic accidents, the majority was categorised as minor accidents (83%), moderate accidents 17%, while major traffic accidents were not recorded (0%). In the first nine months of the year, NIS vehicles covered more than 18 million km, while the number km in October only was around 3 million. The vision of NIS in this area is to reach a high level of security and safety, and to begin a positive trend in constant reduction of number of traffic accidents, as seen in the EU transportation companies that have achieved the best results in traffic safety. Additional information: Naftagas Transport d.o.o. NIS subsidiary was incorporated on 1 June 2012 due to organisational changes in the Company and the need to unify all means of road transportation of passengers and goods cost, and improve the quality with the goal of reducing costs and increasing market competitiveness. Naftagas Transport transportation services meet all the user requirements: • Transportation of passengers in the country and abroad (passenger vehicles, mini-buses, coach transportation) • Heavy freight transportation - supply of the work site with equipment, working fluids, industrial fuel (freight transportation < 40 tons, special unplanned transportation >40 tons) • Light freight transportation (road officers and light freight vehicles) • Freight transport services (crane vehicles up to 100 ton capacity, specialty vehicles with hydraulic lifts, forklift trucks) • Special vehicle services (concrete mixer, mobile steam devices, tractors) The advantages of the existing road transportation system at Naftagas Transport include the unified organisational unit, utilisation of internal resources, defining vehicle fleet policy, defined vehicle fleet renewal strategy, adoption of the regulatory document with the goal of conducting efficient business activities with minimum cost and number of incidents.