NIS Paid Dividends from its Profit in 2013

November 27, 2014

All shareholders registered in the Central Registry, Depot and Clearing of Securities as owners of shares as of the Day of Shareholders of the VI Regular Session of the Shareholders Assembly, June 20th, 2014 are entitled to dividends. Major shareholder of NIS is the Russian company “GazpromNeft” with 56.15 % of shares; the state owns 29.87 % of shares, and minor shareholders, 13.98%. As at June 20th, 2014, Republic of Serbia owned 48.712.064 shares of NIS, and based on Shareholders Assembly’s decision, dividends paid to it for the year 2013, is RSD 3,907,681,774. Payment to minor shareholders has been done via Central Registry of Securities to the accounts used for trading with stocks, i.e., to accounts submitted when registering for free shares; which means that there are 2,24 million shareholders who have received shares in the capacity of citizens. If a shareholder has submitted the account opened in Post Savings Bank, such shareholder will be able to withdraw the amount of dividend at all the Post Service counters, presenting the ID Card. Date of dividend payment to NIS shareholders is in compliance with the decision of the Company’s CEO, preceded by the Shareholders Assembly Decision, to allocate 25 percent of the profit generated in 2013, for disbursement of dividends. The Assembly’s Decision stipulates that dividend shall be paid to shareholders in money, in the total gross amount of RSD 13,08 billion. In addition, last year NIS paid for dividends more than RSD 12 billion, that is, one quarter of its profit for 2012, which is the highest amount that was ever disbursed for dividends by a company listed at the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Long-term policy of the Company anticipates payment of dividends in the total amount of at least 15 percent of its net profit.