NIS participated in the “Museum Night” and supported exhibition Polet

May 20, 2013

This year, NIS participated in the “Night of Museums” with its appended display of valuable exhibits, set in the NIS Museum, in the Company’s Business Center, at the address: 12, Narodnog Fronta St. From 6 PM to 2 AM, visitors were able to see some newly placed exhibits showing which technical and technological innovations the company passed through in the past few years, as well as to get acquainted with the youngest business unit of NIS, Energy Block. Apart from that, visitors of the NIS Museum could get the information concerning the first wells, beginnings of oil and gas exploration and production, oil refining and petrol stations, as well as on development of the post-war Yugoslavia and the energy sector, one of the most important industries in our country. All the interested individuals had the opportunity to learn some of the most interesting data on oil – what is naphtha, how it is extracted from the soil, when the first oil was produced in Serbia, what is “kacaljka” (a pump beam unit), and what is “cantra” (a type of leather case), and many other things. There are also different documents exhibited in the museum, such as articles, replicas and tools, illustrating rich history of oil industry in our country since 1945 until nowadays. Among the exhibits are also a fuel dispenser from the forties, mechanical replica of a submersible pump, breadboard construction of an oilfield, as well as parts of tubes from the refinery field, bombed by NATO in 1999. .. This year, NIS Company extended double support to the Night of Museums. That is, apart from the setting in its own museum, it also supported the exhibition “Polet – Economic Propaganda in Yugoslavia 1969-1980”, presented in the Cultural Center Novi Sad. The exhibition shows selection of newspaper ads published in the “Ekonomska Politika” weekly, during the given period. It is a unique anthology of that time, which, through its visual narration, illustrates relations between the market and the economy, need for getting closer to consumers and the expansion of marketing rules and philosophy. Support to the exhibition “Polet” embodies a part of the corporate program “Culture without Borders”, within which NIS supports cultural institutions and festivals of local, national and international significance, as well as projects of Russian-Serbian cooperation. Exhibitions in NIS Museum and Polet were visited during the Night of Museums by some 2,500 people. Event “Night of Museums” is organized in about 60 cities and municipalities in Serbia. For the third consecutive year, NIS has participated in this cultural event, wishing to inform better the public about the Company tradition and values, and also with the industry which largely influenced development of entire Serbia.