NIS participates at the Rebrand Serbia Conference

July 11, 2014

The second Rebrand Serbia Conference on Serbia's national branding and image improvement was held in Novi Sad yesterday, in cooperation of the Exit Festival and NIS. National branding was the topic of discussion held by the Exit Festival director Dušan Kovačević, scholars of the NIS Energy of Knowledge program Anđela Petronić and Petar Rajić, as well as by numerous eminent experts in the area. With the confidence that a country's future lies in education and that the best way to present ourselves is though our experts, NIS presented itself at the conference with its corporate program Energy of Knowledge. Petar Rajić and Anđela Petronić "I have been NIS scholar since last year when I won the first place in the Russian Language Olympics. I finished high-school and started studying Russian language and literature. The Company will fund me during the entire four years of study, and after I graduate I will start working in NIS. I think that a country is best represented by its youth, which is precisely what NIS does, giving us the opportunity to educate ourselves, develop and work", said Anđela Petronić. "Owing to the Energy of Knowledge project, I have won scholarship to study at the prestigious Gubkin University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. When I finish the studies, I will start working in NIS. The young have somehow got used to being left to fight for their future on their own, while NIS has shown us that it really does think about Serbia's future", said Petar Rajić. With the Rebrand Serbia 2 conference, Exit Foundation and NIS wish to underscore the importance of long-term action and real values, with a view to creating a better image of Serbia in the world. All the participants agreed that our country has a lot to offer, and that, with the support of experts and socially responsible companies, we can achieve our goals.