NIS participates at the World Petroleum Congress in Moscow

June 20, 2014

NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko took part at the World Petroleum Congress in Moscow where he spoke about transformation of oil into energy companies. Speaking at a thematic round table, Kravchenko presented how NIS developed from a national company into a regional leader. At the expert meeting, the NIS delegation had an opportunity to exchange its experience with the largest global companies in the field, such as the French company Total and the Spanish company Repsol, that boast practical knowledge in diversification of business from oil and gas into other fields of energy generation. This year, the 21st World Petroleum Congress held from 15 to 19 June in Moscow was the largest event in the history of the WPC, which has organized the "oil olympics" for eight consecutive decades. Over 3,000 delegates participated at the forum, including the delegation of the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia, 30 ministers and 400 directors of the largest global national and private companies, as well as the heads of organisations from more than 80 countries.