NIS Pays Dividend from 2014 Profits

August 31, 2015

All shareholders entered into the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House as on 13 June 2015 – the Shareholders Day of the 7th General NIS Shareholders Meeting – are entitled to the dividend. Shareholders who are domestic natural persons will be able to withdraw from their accounts 39.82 dinars per share, which is the net dividend amount per share after NIS pays the 15 per cent capital gains tax. Payments to minority shareholders will be effected through the Central Securities Depository into cash accounts used for trading shares and -- for the 2.2 million shareholders who had obtained shares as citizens -- into the cash accounts that they provided upon registration for free shares. If on this occasion a shareholder registered an account with the Poštanska Štedionica Bank, the dividend can be paid out at Post Office customer windows with an ID card. The Republic of Serbia owned 48,712,049 NIS’ shares as at 13 June 2015, and therefore, based on the decision of the Shareholders Meeting, the dividend for 2014 paid out to the state stands at 2.28 billion dinars. The date of payment of dividends to NIS shareholders is set in line with the Company CEO’s Decision, preceded by the decision of the Shareholders Meeting to set aside 25 per cent of 2014 profits for the payment of dividends. On the occasion of payment of dividends from the 2014 profits, Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of NIS, said: “Despite unfavourable trends, NIS has not changed the dividend policy, and we are very proud to demonstrate for the third year running that we are a safe source of income for our shareholders. All this is possible owing to the great efforts that we invest in the programme of operational efficiency increase. It is through this programme that we have retained company profitability, and our employees have had a major role in achieving this, providing daily as they do the suggestions for improving operations, contributing thus to the success of this programme.“ NIS’ majority shareholder is the Russian company Gazprom Neft, with 56.15 per cent of the shares; the Republic of Serbia has 29.87 per cent of the shares, and the other minority shareholders 13.98 per cent.