NIS pays out 6.5 billion RSD to its shareholders

September 17, 2019

This is the seventh consecutive year in which NIS pays out dividends to its shareholders which amount to 25 percent of the Company’s net profit (totalling 26,067,489,000 RSD in 2018). The right to receive dividends is granted to all shareholders who are registered in the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House as owners of shares on Shareholders’ Day on the 11th Regular Session of NIS’ Shareholders’ Assembly, held on 17 June 2019. On Shareholders’ Day, NIS has 2,080,822 shareholders. The company Gazprom Neft owns 56.15 % of NIS’ share capital, while 29.87 % of NIS’ shares are held by the Republic of Serbia. The remaining portion belongs to citizens, employees, former employees and other minority shareholders. Payouts to minor shareholders are carried out through the Central Securities Depository, onto the accounts they use to trade shares or accounts they provided when registering for free shares. Serbian citizens who own NIS’ shares will receive 33.97 RSD per share, which is the difference between the gross value of dividend per share (39.97 RSD) and a 15% tax rate which NIS is obliged to pay for all shareholders for dividend payouts. For 2018, the budget of the Republic of Serbia will receive 1,947,022,397.18 RSD in dividends. In addition, the Republic of Serbia also receives income from the dividend tax rate.