NIS Pays Out the Dividend to Shareholders from 2015 Profit

September 19, 2016

In accordance with the decision of NIS Shareholders’ Assembly, all shareholders who were registered in the Central Register, Depository and Clearing House of Securities as shareholders on the Shareholders’ Day of the Eighth Regular Shareholders’ Assembly, i.e. on 18 June 2016, are entitled to receive the dividend. Serbian citizens who own NIS shares will receive 20.99 dinars per share, which is the amount that is obtained when 15 percent for tax is deducted from the value of the gross value of dividend per share, which tax NIS must calculate and pay upon the payment of dividends. Payment to minority shareholders is carried out through the Central Securities Register to the accounts used for share-trading or to the accounts given when registering for free shares. On 18 June 2016, NIS had a total of 2,157,792 shareholders. The majority shareholder is the Russian company "Gazprom Neft", which owns 56.15 percent of the Company’s shares. Republic of Serbia owns 29.87 percent of shares, while 13.98 percent of the shares is in possession of other minority shareholders. On the Shareholders’ Day, Republic of Serbia was in possession of 48,712,074 shares, therefore 1,202,701,107 RSD will be paid into the budget on account of the dividend from the previous year’s profit.