NIS pays out the dividend to shareholders from 2016 Profit

August 18, 2017

A decision on dividends disbursement was reached at the NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad Shareholders Assembly session, which took place on 27th June this year. The entitlement to dividends disbursement has been granted to all shareholders, who had been registered in the Central Register, depot and clearing of securities as the owners of shares on Shareholders’ Day at the IX Regular Shareholders Assembly - 17th June, 2017. Serbia’s citizens, who own NIS shares will be paid out RSD 20.96 per share, which is an amount resulting from the subtraction of 15 per cent tax from the gross value of dividends per share (RSD 24.66). NIS is obliged to calculate this tax rate and pay it to these shareholders in the process of dividends disbursement. The disbursement to the minority shareholders is being conducted through Central Register of Securities, into the accounts used for share trading or the accounts that the citizens had provided at the time, when they applied for receiving the free shares. On 17th June, 2017, the Dividends Day, NIS had a total of 2.125.876 shareholders, majority shareholder being Russia’s “Gazprom Neft” Company, which owns 56.15 per cent of the Company shares. 29.87 per cent of NIS shares belong to the Republic of Serbia, while 13.98 per cent of the Company shares belong to the minority shareholders. A total of RSD will be paid into the state coffers of the Republic of Serbia as the result of  dividends from the profit generated last year. Kirill Turdenev, the CEO of NIS, made the following statement on the occasion of dividends disbursement from the profit generated in 2016: “This is the fifth consecutive year that NIS has been disbursing the dividends to its shareholders. We take pride in the fact that this year again we confirm our reputation as a reliable partner, both of our major shareholder “Gazprom Neft” and the Republic of Serbia, as well as to the minor shareholders. We will continue to streamline our business operations and boost its efficiency, so as to keep the future dividends efficiency at the high level for all our shareholders.“