NIS Petrol Drew Major Awards in “The Unlimited Drive” Prize Contest

August 16, 2012

NIS Petrol summer prize contest "The Unlimited Drive" ended has finished with the draw of major awards. The three luckiest participants received major awards – NIS fuel cards in the amount of 4.000 l/fuel, at NIS Petrol filling station - «Zmaj 2» in Belgrade. The winners of weekly awards were also drawn in the prize contest which took place from 9 July to 6 August at more than 350 NIS Petrol filling stations across Serbia, in addition to the final awards. NIS cards for 130 l/fuel were distributed to 130 participants. As a company which cherishes its relation to the consumers, NIS invests in the development of its retail business. By the introduction of a new, three-colour brand, safe supply, European fuel quality and top quality service, the consumers/customers at NIS Petrol filling stations may expect new promotion campaigns which will win their trust. The complete list of the winners in «The Unlimited Drive» prize contest is available on