NIS Petrol Launched Refuelling station in Novi Pazar

November 16, 2017

The ceremonial opening of the NIS Petrol “Novi Pazar2” refuelling station was attended by the representatives of  the NIS Company and city administration officials. This state-of-the-art NIS Petrol refuelling station in Novi Pazar has been erected in compliance with the world’s most stringent technical and environmental standards. It is outfitted with modern equipment and double multiplex fuel dispensers. There, buyers may round-the-clock purchase Euro five quality fuel produced in the domestic Refinery in the town of Pančevo, as well as a vast choice of fast moving consumer goods.  New NIS Petrol “Novi Pazar2” retail venue has also on offer G-Drive premium oil products, as well as locally produced enhanced LPG. The modernised NIS Petrol refuelling station in Novi Pazar is dedicated to cater to the needs of contemporary consumers as best it can and provide them with top quality service. On the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the new NIS Petrol retail venue, the NIS Company offers special benefits to consumers  . Until  24th November, this newly inaugurated retail venue will offer to drivers to tank up with G-Drive 100 gasoline and G-Drive Diesel premium quality fuel at the price of standard gasoline, or Euro Diesel. In addition to that, gifts are in store for all consumers, who purchase at least 20 litres of any oil product Until  30th November. The first quantities of fuel at the modernised NIS Petrol “Novi Pazar2”refuelling station, as NIS donation, were provided to “Novi Pazar” sports association   This state-of-the-art NIS Petrol “Novi Pazar2”refuelling station has been reconstructed within a process of modernisation of the NIS Company retail network, comprising the largest refuelling stations chain in domestic market. NIS continues to modernise its retail venues, which offer to consumers high quality oil products of Euro 5 quality produced at Pančevo Refinery, a vast range of non-fuel goods, as well as top level service.