NIS Petrol Opens Modern Petrol Station in Vršac

November 15, 2013

NIS has opened a modern petrol station “Vršac 1“ in Vršac, in 1 Miloša Obilića Street, on a busy road near the town lake, under the NIS Petrol brand. At this facility, domestic fuel of European quality, in line with the “Euro 5“ standard, is sold at affordable prices. With the new consumer brand “Fresh“, consumers have an opportunity to enjoy what is on offer at “Kotipizza“, the largest pizza restaurant chain in the north of Europe. The shop has been furnished and equipped according to the modern principles ensuring an enjoyable service, and offers a wide variety of consumer goods. A car wash, children’s playground and parking lot are also available. The petrol station is open around the clock. In line with the strict environmental regulations, the facility is equipped with a wastewater treatment separator, as well as with double-shell reservoirs for the protection of soil and groundwater. The petrol station is fully automated, which implies electronic monitoring of all work processes, so that consumers can expect full comfort and quick, precise, and high-quality service. At this retail facility, as well as at other NIS Petrol retail facilities, the “Diadora“ loyalty program is under way, which allows purchasing products from an exclusive sports collection with a 70% discount. In addition, it is possible to become a member of the “Super Card“ program, and enjoy many benefits offered by NIS Petrol, IDEA, Telenor, and Sberbank. In the course of this year, under the NIS Petrol brand, which is the largest retail network in Serbia with over 300 petrol stations, 42 petrol stations have been constructed, reconstructed, and rebranded.