NIS’ Present to the Citizens of Smederevo

October 12, 2012

NIS officially put into operation the reconstructed petrol station in the part of the town Carina near the center of Smederevo. The facility has been rebranded in "three-color" brand of NIS Petrol, which is becoming a symbol of high quality products and services at affordable prices. The investment value is about RSD 68 million. In the construction of the petrol station "Carina", all environmental requirements and international technical standards have been fully met. This facility is an urban type petrol station selling all petroleum products (D2, Euro Diesel, Unleaded 95, Euro premium BMB95 and LPG). This modern retail space also includes a coffee bar. All petroleum products are sold through modern multiplex fuel dispensers which, together with the automatization of the facility, provides high quality and efficient service. By installation of double shell tanks, oily water separators, and a modern system to measure the height, volume and density of the fuel in the tanks, all environmental regulations have been met. At this petrol station, as well as on all other NIS Petrol stations, currently there is a discount on diesel fuel, which is valid for all categories of natural persons. The discount is 3 dinars per liter of diesel D2, for quantities worth over 1000 dinars, while the discount of 1.5 dinars per liter Euro diesel is provided for quantites over 1000 dinars in value. Also, as part of a loyalty program it is possible to purchase products from an attractive luggage and accessories program Good Year ", with discounts of up to 80 percent. The modernization of the gas station "Carina" has been implemented within the framework of the strategy of development of NIS retail network, which includes new construction, reconstruction and rebranding of petrol stations. Nearly 130 new NIS petrol stations already operate under the new brand throughout Serbia. In the next two and a half years, NIS will invest around 100 million euros in the modernization and construction of new petrol stations in Serbia, so by 2014 , in Serbia there will be about 250 petrol stations under the three color brand of NIS Petrol.