NIS Presents Advantages of Compressed Natural Gas

March 10, 2016

Environmental and economic benefits of compressed natural gas, as well as the achievements of the Company in production and sales of this energy-generating product were presented to the professional and scientific public on the first day of the event by Mr Nikola Luburić from the Sector for Sales and Trading of Natural Gas of NIS. During the speech, Mr Luburić said that the main advantage of CNG lies in its energy or calorific value, which is considerably higher compared to other motor fuels, and the octane number as the fuel quality standard. The natural gas-powered vehicles have better start-up characteristics and performance and the longer engine life. The compressed natural gas is considered to be the most economical and commercial fuel, which depending on the vehicle type can generate savings up to 50 %, said MSc Luburić. Compressed natural gas is considered to be the fuel of the future, not only due to its environmentally-friendly properties and economic profitability, but also due to the excellent performances it provides to vehicles. NIS introduced compressed natural gas in its wholesale system two years ago, and as of mid-2015, the Company has become the first large network of petrol stations in Serbia that included this energy-generating product in its retail portfolio.