NIS presents its accomplishments in cooperation with science and education institutions

May 17, 2016

The topic was presented by Snežana Lakićević, NIS Liaison Officer with science and education institutions, who elaborated on the concept of this programme envisaging partnership with the country’s education institutions, which seeks to educate professionals to be employed by the company. Other than that, the company participates in additional accreditation of both the existing and new students’ programmes in graduate and master studies at faculties of the University of Novi Sad and Belgrade, so as to adapt to the requirements of the labour market and facilitate students in their job search once they graduate. Furthermore, NIS provides scholarships to best ranking students at the University of Belgrade and Novi Sad, who upon their graduation, are employed by the company, organising professional upgrades and summer schools for them, as well as lectures given by NIS experts. Within its support to high school students, NIS opted for facilitation of the development of sciences and lent its support to dedicated associations of physics, chemistry and mathematics, by holding Knowledge Competitions called Olympics, as well as participation of national teams at international competitions. The Company in this programme creates conditions and infrastructure by way of outfitting classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories on the premises of faculties and in schools throughout Serbia. In terms of cooperation with science and education institutions, as well as support to education system reform, NIS is leading the way in Serbia. Pursuant to its corporate slogan “Future is Now”, NIS seeks to lend support to development of society and local communities where it operates, predominantly by investing in the young people and their education. This particular conference was organised by the Newsweek magazine in association with GIZ, a German organisation for international cooperation, Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce, German-Serbian Economic Association and numerous companies operating in Serbia. Other than NIS the conference was attended by the following companies “Hemofarm”, “Delhaize”, “Coca-Cola”, “Phillip Moris”, “Bambi”, “Ikea” and “Srbijagas”.