NIS Presents Semi-Annual Operating Results at Belgrade Stock Exchange

July 27, 2017

Fedorov made investors familiar with all NIS Group’s operating parameters in the first half of the year, underscoring that it made a net profit of RSD 12.4 billion, or four times as much as year on year. Particular emphasis was placed on the results of operational efficiency measures, which helped to improve the operating results and make savings at the same time. Compared to the last year’s result, EBITDA is higher by 71 percent and amounts to RSD 22.5 billion, with the effect of the operational efficiency improvement measures on this indicator in this reporting period of RSD 2.8 billion. The Director of Finance, Economics, Planning and Accounting also pointed out that during the first six months of this year NIS invested RSD 10 billion, or nine percent more than in the first six months last year. After presenting the results, Mr Fedorov talked with representatives of the professional audience and answered many questions.