NIS provided a financial reward for the Laureate of the SASA prize

November 19, 2012

During the celebration of the anniversary of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SASA), the Academy awarded prizes for 2012 to the most prominent researches that have made a significant contribution to the field of chemistry and related sciences, as well as to the field of physics. On that occasion, NIS provided financial funds for the prize which SASA awarded to the best researcher in the field of chemistry, biology and related sciences, to the scientist, Mr Igor Pasti, Ph.D. The laureate in the field of chemistry and related sciences, Mr Pasti is, according to the opinion of the SASA Commission, one of the most talented young researchers in the field of physical chemistry. As a socially responsible company, NIS provided for him financial funds in order to support the Serbian science, its future development, as well as to motivate young and talented researchers to continue with their prosperous scientific work, and thus enable our science build up a worldwide reputation. Beside the prize in the field of chemistry or related sciences, SASA awarded a reward to Prof. Milutin Blagojevic, Ph.D. for his achievements in the field of physics. In April 2012, SASA established prizes for the best achievements of domestic scientists that would be awarded in five categories, to a scientist or a group of scientists in particular areas. In 2012, the prizes in chemistry and physics were awarded, as well as in the related sciences, whereas the prizes in the technical sciences, medicine, and mathematics will be awarded in the forthcoming year.