NIS received award for supporting children’s safety

October 20, 2012

Daily newspaper „ Kurir“

Organizers of an action “Peške bez greške” respectively Shopping Center “Usce” and Euro Level Media awarded company NIS with special awards for social responsibility. NIS Company supported the action for children traffic safety, wanting to help them to learn about their independent participation in traffic through fun, thus improving their safety. Company constantly works on improvement of conditions that will bring number of incidents and injuries at wok to a zero level. Because of that, they implemented Management policy in fields of environmental protection, industrial safety and protection at work. Standard on safe driving with transport vehicles within road traffic came out of that policy, which is in power for two years and which immediately brought positive results. “That’s why we wanted to help in educating the youth, so that children can check their knowledge and learn to be careful and responsible towards themselves and others, using practical activities and games. By doing this, we spread consciousness on safety not only within our company but in society as a whole”, David Ellison, Director of HSE Function in NIS, stated.