NIS received the main “Virtus” award for philanthropy

January 20, 2014

Daily newspaper "Informer" NIS Company won the main “Virtus” prize for corporate philanthropy during 2013, precisely for contribution on the national level, as Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Michael Davenport presented this recognition to NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko. Kamenica based Association for Local Development nominated NIS for this award, respectively for financial support to local communities in which NIS conducts business operations, using the program of corporate social responsibility called “Cooperation for the purpose of development.” NIS supported a total of 145 projects through this program in 2013, with a total amount of RSD 88 million and it also realized the program which supports science and education, called “Energy of Knowledge.” NIS is also nominated for the initiative related to corporate philanthropy, during which employees and company jointly purchased 23 CTG devices, intended for maternity wards all over Serbia. Kravhcenko stated that “Virtus” award represents a huge honor for both himself and the company, it being from the field of social activities. In recent years, NIS has evolved in the economy direction and increased its participation in the budget of Serbia from seven to more than 14 percent, if it is take into account the payment of dividends. In the last five years, we have been invested more than RSD 5 billion in various programs – cooperation with universities, local communities, sport and society-related investments”, Kravhcenko reminded and media published. Kravhcenko also emphasizing that NIS will continue to invest efforts, in order to contribute to Serbian society as much as possible.