NIS Receives the Captain Miša Anastasijević Award as the Best Company in Serbia

April 10, 2018

Ulrich Peball, HSE Director at NIS, received the statuette and the award on behalf of NIS In 2017, NIS remained one of the leading investors in Serbia. NIS’s business and leadership position in the market are based on introducing and implementing modern technologies and constant innovations in all business segments, improving operational efficiency, being responsible towards the environment and protecting occupational health and safety. Moreover, NIS is the leading social investor in Serbia, allocating funds for social responsibility projects, supporting young talents, improving educational conditions, and promoting science, culture, arts and sports, as well as philanthropic campaigns for the advancement of all. A total of 25 Captain Miša Anastasijević Awards went to the most successful entrepreneurs and companies in Serbia this year. The Captain Miša Anastasijević Award has traditionally been given to the most successful institutions, individuals and entrepreneurs in the region of South Bačka, within the framework of the Way to the Top scheme, aimed at boosting and promoting entrepreneurship in Serbia. In 2017, NIS got the Captain Miša Anastasijević Charter as the best company in the category of corporate social responsibility, which is more evidence of its strong performance and ever-improving business processes.