NIS Scholars to Begin Studies at St. Pete

September 3, 2013

Dragana Radić and Nemanja Aleksić, the holders of scholarship awarded by NIS, left for St. Petersburg, Russia, to start their studies at the renouned Mining Department of the State University in that city. The sponsorship of these students comes as part of a cooperation programme between Russia’s Government and Serbia’s Education, Science and Technology Ministry providing the budget funding of the studies of Serbian citizens at universities in Russia. Snežana Lakićević, who is on NIS behalf in charge of “Energy of Knowledge” programme, described this as the start of this programme intended to support the best students interested in oil and gas engineering curriculum. – Last week, we saw off Sofija, Ivan and Petar to Moscow, where they are to start their studies at Gubkin Oil and Gas University, and Nemanja and Dragana, following in their footsteps, left for St. Petersburg to study at the National Mineral Resources University. The scholars will spend their first year in Russia to perfect their Russian along with exercise in physics, maths, chemistry and technical drafting in order to have a smooth start at the first year in university next year. We would like to give chance to a greater number of students to go to Russiaćs world-famous universities and we hope that this noble cause will come true as the result of cooperation between Russia’s Government and Serbia’s Education, Science and Technology Ministry, says Snežana Lakićević. They hope their studies to be a success and live up to the expectations of the company. Upon graduation the scholars will join the company staff.