NIS Scholarships Awarded to the Best Students of the University of Novi Sad

May 6, 2015

The scholars, graduate students of bachelor and master studies, have secured their employment in NIS after they acquire the diploma. The scholarships were awarded to Svetlana Kuzminac, Bojan Mijatović, Kristina Vakarov, Nikola Rajić and Ivana Božulić. All scholars are students of faculties of technical and technological studies, the professions which are most in demand in the Company, and they were selected in the contest organized by the Fund for Scholarships and Tuition Assistance of Talented Students and Young Scientists and Artists of the University of Novi Sad. Based on the scholarship agreements, the students are entitled to undertake their summer practice in the Company and, after they graduate from bachelor and master studies, to start their employment with NIS. The scholarships are provided to students as part of cooperation between NIS and the University of Novi Sad, which continues for the sixth consecutive year. To date, 82 young people have participated in the NIS' scholarship program. The cooperation between the Company and the educational and scientific institutions is part of "Energy of Knowledge" Program which, in addition to scholarships, includes the organization of Knowledge Olympiads, equipping of computer science classrooms and laboratories, and organization of summer schools and camps.