NIS secures diesel fuel for spring sowing

March 16, 2012

NIS and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia signed the contract on fuel supply at preferential prices during the spring sowing. In spite of the constant price increase of petroleum products in the regional market, the oil price increase on the global stock markets, as well as the unstable exchange rate of the domestic currency, governed by the principle of public responsibility, NIS offered the utmost reasonable supply conditions with agricultural fuel to the Government. It should be emphasized that, out of all petroleum companies which operate in Serbia, NIS is the only one which has decided to consider the possibility of offering reasonable conditions of fuel purchase for the agriculturalists. As a result, D2 price for agriculturalists, since the 15th April, has been significantly below the cost price and it amounts to 125 RSD per liter. The fuel shall be distributed by means of vouchers in 370 NIS petrol stations all over Serbia. Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr Kiril Kravchenko, said: “Our Company’s participation in the support program for the agro-industrial complex launched by the Government represents our contribution to the market stabilization in Serbia, presently strongly influenced by the European financial crises. We hope that supplying agriculturalists with cheaper fuel will have positive effect in the future on prices of food products and other essential products. By making this decision, we were aware that, to the cost of our own profit, we will support the vital branch of Serbian economy and preserve competitive edge of Serbian agricultural products in the foreign markets. “