NIS showcases advantages of G-Drive premium fuel at Car Expo

March 23, 2017

Predrag Jovanovic, Director of Brand Development and Promotion Sector of NIS, showcases advantages of G-Drive premium fuel at Car Expo This is premium G-Drive 100 petrol i premium G-Drive Diesel manufactured pursuant the most stringent technological standards out of local high quality petroleum products of  „Euro 5“ quality which is subsequently enriched with complexes of additives or renowned world manufacturers. In comparison with the standard petrol and Euro Diesel, the new generation petroleum products G-Drive ensure more efficient fuel combustion, which, in turn, provides greater power, better start ability and engine performance. In  addition to improved engine performance, the ultimate generation active components, G-Drive 100 and G-Drive Diesel ensure professional protection of the entire fuel system thus extending engine’s service life. G-Drive premium fuels are available to customers at GAZPROM refuelling stations in Serbia and the region. Over the course of the Car Show the NIS Company offers special advantages. In association with its long-term partner the “Auto Čačak” Company it will  grant to the first twenty buyers of the new KODIAQ car brand produced by “Škoda” at this year’s International Car Show, special G-Drive gift sets containing, in addition to everything else, G-Drive gift card to the amount of RSD 3.000 for one-off purchase of fuel at GAZPROM and NIS Petrol refuelling stations in Serbia. Detailed information concerning G-Drive premium fuels is available at the internet site or you can place a free call to NIS Call Centre at 0800 008 888.