NIS Showcases Agro Card at Agricultural Expo

May 14, 2016

This Expo is an opportunity for everyone interested to obtain the Agro Card to do so by approaching NIS stand, where they will be given an application form along with all necessary information. Those consumers, who use NIS Agro Card will be entitled at NIS Petrol refuelling stations to a discount of 5 dinars per litre of Euro Diesel, i.e. 3 dinars per litre of gas oil 0.1. In addition to that the card users will be entitled to discounts for non-fuel goods on sale in refuelling stations’ shops, specifically 15% discount for NISOTEC oils and lubricants, i.e. 20% for selected FMCG. NIS Agro Cards may be obtained by individuals, entrepreneurs or legal entities with active status as a registered agricultural household or farms.