NIS Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Three Secondary Schools in Pančevo

December 14, 2017

The signing ceremony in Pančevo was attended by the Mayor of Pančevo Saša Pavlov, Miloš Blagojević, Educational Advisor in the Ministry of Education, Vladimir Gagić, Director of the Refining in NIS, Snežana Lakićević, Manager of the program "Energy of Knowledge", directors of all three schools and also representatives of the Pančevo Secretariat for Education. Recognizing the significance of the Refinery for the City of Pančevo, NIS has chosen to invest in the infrastructure of the schools which are of business interest for the Company to enable the students to gain knowledge and skills required in the labour market, not only for the business needs of the Company, but also for the entire process industry of Serbia. Vladimir Gagić, Director of the Refining in NIS, underscored on this occasion:   "The development so far and successfully completed first stage of modernisation of the Refinery, and also construction of the MHC&DHT complex and recently initiated second stage and construction of the most modern Bottom-of-the-Barrel facilities will classify the refining process in NIS among the most modern in the world. Such development must be accompanied by well-trained professionals: in chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and other fields, and they can be formed and grow to be excellent experts only in the positive synergy of theory and practice in their education", stressed Gagić. Saša Pavlov, the Mayor of Pančevo, said that dual education, starting from this calendar year, had become a part of the educational system in Serbia, aiming to ensure practice for students so that they could find employment more easily after they finish their secondary education. "New production capacities will open new channels of employment, and cooperation with three secondary schools in Pančevo is a sure way to provide qualified staff to work on modern facilities", said Pavlov. For five years in a row, through its "Energy of Knowledge" program, NIS has been investing into improvement of school infrastructure throughout Serbia in order to advance conditions for child education and development, and also ensure personnel required for future development and progress of NIS. Through this program, the Company has invested EUR 5 million so far, signed 47 agreements with domestic and international scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad and provided scholarships for more than 90 students, of which 20 are now employed in the Company. Owing to its long-standing efforts to improve educational conditions in Serbia, NIS has become the first company in Serbia to receive St. Sava Award for its contribution to education.