NIS Sponsor of Children Sports Weekend

October 22, 2012

At the plateau in front of the NIS Business Center in New Belgrade a sports weekend for the youngsters was held this weekend. On Saturday, October 20 from 11 to 15 o’clock, children of six to ten years of age she attended the "NIS-open tennis school." At four mini tennis courts they took the first lessons and enjoyed the delights of the white sport, while tennis coaches were able to discover some new young talents. This initiative was carried out in cooperation with the Serbian Tennis Federation and was aimed at promoting tennis among young population and providing incentives for talented individuals. Sunday, October 21, was marked by basketball. In collaboration with the Basketball Federation of Serbia, in front of NIS three basketball courts were placed at which a mini basket presentation "We start the game, NIS moves us" was held. Two courts were intended for the youngest members of the basketball teams. Young athletes under the age of 12 showed their skills at "gangway" system and the new "Mini basket" mini basketball rules. The third court was dedicated to recreation of NIS employees, their children and friends. The support to NIS Open School of tennis and mini basket presentation was realized within the corporate program "Energy of Sport" which the company implemented to encourage and develop sportsmanship and fair play, promote healthy living and support the achievement of outstanding results. A special place in the program belongs to the development of children's sports and young talent.