NIS Sponsors a Mini-Basketball Tournament

September 22, 2014

The players were girls and boys below 12, and Marina Maljković, the selector of Women’s National Basketball Team, was a special guest. “I’m always glad to attend Mini-basketball tournaments, primarily because of the energy of our youngest basketball players. I would like to thank NIS for investing in sports and the young, and I hope that there will be more companies in future that invest in real values like NIS,” says Marina Maljković, the selector of Women’s National Basketball Team.   “Mini-basketball is a game tailored to children below 12 and it was established in Serbia in 2000. NIS has recognised the importance of this sport that best guides the youngest towards true values, and this is the fifth consecutive year that the company has supported us. We are pleased to cooperate with the company that invests in the young and in healthy lifestyles,” says Rade Georgievski of the Serbian Basketball Association. “I’ve been training basketball for a year and I'm always so happy to practice. I also like participating in these tournaments because we all have some nice time together,” says Marija Sekulić, one of the players. “We're having a great time at the tournament, I hope we'll win. I've been training basketball for two years now and it's my favourite sport,” says Andrija Vuković, one of the players in the tournament. NIS is a longstanding sponsor of the Mini-Basketball League, a sports campaign run statewide by the Serbian Basketball Association. NIS' social responsibility scheme, the Energy of Sports, is focused on the development of children's and youth sports, proper development of the young and promotion of new talents.