NIS Sponsors Computer Room in Čačak High School

September 15, 2015

This classroom will be used not only by the students of this high school, but also by gifted pupils for maths of final grades of elementary schools. The Čačak high school has made possible for pupils in the seventh and eighth grade to attend its classes, with a view to provide instruction for them during their final years in elementary school based on a curriculum with the increased number of lessons in mathematics, computer science and natural sciences. The initiative came following a great interest demonstrated by Čačak elementary school pupils to enrol in this High School’s science and mathematics department, which takes on board more than 100 students every year. This school has not had so far appropriately equipped computer classroom, which was the reason for the NIS Company to lend its support to this project and in this way contribute to the improvement of conditions for the work of both students and teachers. NIS uses its “Common Cause – Community” programme to render support to communities, where it operates. All the projects selected at the public competition contribute to development of local communities, facilitate operation of numerous institutions and improve functioning of cultural, educational and sport institutions.