NIS Sponsors Pupin Award

March 28, 2014

NIS has sponsored Mihajlo Pupin Award which was presented at Matica Srpska in Novi Sad to young scientists – students for research in technical and natural sciences and mathematics. As part of the corporate programme, Energy of Knowledge, NIS has joined forces with Matica Srpska with the aim to foster scientific development in Serbia. This is the second year that NIS has been implementing this social responsibility project through cooperation with schools and universities, investing thus into Serbia’s educational system. Our Company has focused on granting school children and students scholarships as well as providing learning opportunities at some of Russia's renowned faculties, employment with the Company after graduation, refurbishment of classrooms, donating computers and other technical equipment, organising Olympiads in physics, mathematics and Russian language. This award was established in 1996 to be presented every third year through the Mihjalo Pupin Fund and resources of Matica Srpska to undergraduate students for bachelor’s and master’s thesis and other scientific papers released over the previous three years. “We in NIS believe that investing into education and employing young people is the best way to invest into Serbia's future. This is the second year that NIS has supported and initiated educational projects within its social responsibility programme Energy of Knowledge, because we believe that investing into learning is the most reliable investment into future,” said Mr Andrey Shibanov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of Organisational Affairs. “Without support from NIS, Matica Srpska would not have been able to function normally. Now, the two forces being united - your corporate energy and our culture, we are ready for great victories,” said Mr Dragan Stanić, President of Matica Srpska.