NIS Sponsors Serbia’s Best Students

May 15, 2014

The prestigious Trinity College, Cambridge, hosted on 8 May the third annual Networking Dinner, organised by the PEXIM Foundation, for students from Serbia and Macedonia. The Foundation awards Serbia's best students with scholarships to Cambridge University and assists them in finding employment in Serbia upon completion of studies. This is the first time that NIS has taken part in this event of great importance for networking and assisting Serbian students. Snežana Lakićević, Manager for Cooperation with Universities, Milan Krstajić, our scholar and one of the world’s best young physicists, Aleksandar Vasiljković and Dušan Perović, participants in the Energy of Knowledge Campus and postgraduate students, and Milica Pešterić, our colleague from Legal and Corporate Affairs, a Cambridge alumni and Master of Law, represented NIS and presented its science promotion activities, cooperation with universities and assistance to the most successful students. Our Company has already taken action in this respect. Last summer, Dušan Perović was on an internship in our Company as an associate to Deputy CEO for Petrochemical Operations Goran Stoiljković. He also gave lectures, together with Aleksandar Vasiljković, at the first Energy of Knowledge Campus held last year in Bečići. About 30 students attended the event, as well as distinguished guests including Sir Paul Judge, founder of the Cambridge Judge Business School and Chairman of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mihail Petreski, member of Asseco Group Supervisory Board and founder of the PEXIM Foundation, Ognjen Pribićević, Serbian Ambassador to Great Britain, Dennis Keefe, British Ambassador-designate to Serbia, and representatives of leading companies, numerous professors and cultural sector employees. Sir Paul Judge, Chairman of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, appreciated our Company’s cooperation and hopes that it will continue in future.