NIS Started Successful Use of Horizontal Directional Drill

July 6, 2016

Block "Services" started successful use of horizontal directional drill “Vermeer D 36 X 50” The machine was used for horizontal directional drilling of a channel for the installation of electrical cables for the wells Ki 126 and 127 at the field Kikinda. The use of this machine allows NIS to perform independent horizontal directional drilling of pipelines, but its engagement for the needs of third parties is also expected due to the fact that there is only one such machine in Serbia, and taking into account the significant scope of activities in which such equipment could be extremely beneficial. On the occasion of successful commencement of use of this horizontal directional drilling machine, Vesna Trbovic, Director of the Construction Production Unit within Naftagas – Technical Services said: “This machine provides us the opportunity to independently perform horizontal directional drilling for oil, gas and electrical installation pipelines, both for the needs of NIS and for the needs of third parties in Serbia and abroad. The Construction Production Unit is ready to continue working with this machine for the needs of all blocks of NIS, but it is also ready to meet the needs of other companies if they require the engagement of this equipment, especially because of its advantages in the implementation of infrastructural projects.” In terms of technical specifications, in addition to the standard drilling head the horizontal directional drill “Vermeer D 36 X 50” also has the drilling head for sand. As a guidance system for the drilling tools, the machine is equipped with the Navigation system MARK V with the LCD screen and user-friendly chart.    When it comes to accessories, the machine has a dual-frequency transmitter which is fixed to the drilling head. “Vermeer D 36 X 50” has the drive cylinder engine Joh Deere Dizel 4045 of 4.5 liters with total power of 104.4 KW. Maximum diameter of the resulting bore channel is 750 millimeters, while the maximum torque amounts to 6.772.3 Nm.