NIS started to support Serbian Association of Physicists

March 6, 2013

NIS has provided financial support to the Serbian physicists in order to participate in the international competition which took place in Bucharest in the period from February, 27th to March, 3rd. In this competition, the high school team of Serbian physicists has won six medals: one gold, two silver and three bronze medals. The representatives of Serbia, among whom Milan Krstajić distinguished himself by winning the gold medal, were selected on the basis of results from the cycle of high school students’ competitions from last year. Emil Maid and Ilija Burić, 4th grade students at the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, won silver medals for the Serbian team while the bronze medals were won by Luka Bojović from Belgrade, Ljubica Vujović from the “Prva Kragujevačka” Grammar School and Bojan Roška, student of the Grammar School in Zaječar. The support NIS has provided to young physicists in order to participate in the 4th International Competition named “Master of Physics” in Bucharest is the beginning of cooperation between the Company and the Serbian Association of Physicists which will also include the organization of the Serbian Physics Olympic Games this May in which 30 most successful high school students will participate. NIS will also provide the participants of the Olympics with the possibility to attend the summer school for young scientists – NIS Campus, which will be organized in Bečići in August. Technical sciences are the main driving force in all the industries in the world and the aim of NIS Company is to encourage and support the development of young people’s careers in this direction in Serbia, in the region as well as in Russia. At the same time, this is the very staff which is required for the successful development of NIS. Snežana Lakićević, the NIS Manager for Cooperation with Universities, has presented the support program to the Association of Physicists in the premises of the Faculty of Physics today.