NIS successfully completed drilling of the first horizontal well

December 6, 2013

Drilling of the first horizontal well on the oil field “Kikindavaros” was successfully completed. During the preparatory work carried out by experts of NTC NIS Naftagac and Block “Exploration and Production” NIS modern technology of 3D geological and hydrodynamic modeling was used. Drilling of pilot column that was carried out in order to reduce risks and to determine oil reserves has fully confirmed designed geological model of the site. The depth of the well is 2670 meters, the length of the horizontal part - 250 meters. Works on drilling horizontal well, which lasted 30 days, were conducted by experts of the company-contractor TDE (Hungary), the amount of funds invested during the project - 5 million euro. Currently, the well is under the test, whose first results showed a steady flow of waterless oil, with a potential production of about 40 tons of oil per day. Implementation of the horizontal drilling project at the site "Kikindavaros" is the first successful project of this kind on the t former Yugoslavia territory. In the short-term perspective this technology will be applied in the development of heavy oil deposits "Gaj", where recently was confirmed the presence of commercial reserves, as well as for the works on many other Company’s oil fields where application of traditional vertical drilling technology is not possible. “The introduction of new technologies which are contributing to the increase of Company’s efficiency, is one of the priorities of “Gazprom Neft “. By successful implementation of the new technologies on our oil fields we transfer the lessons learned to other projects, including Serbia. Implementation of technologies unique for the region, such as horizontal drilling, gives us the ability to increase the exploitation of oil on the fields where previously it was impossible”- says the first CEO deputy of “Gazprom Neft”, President of the Board of Directors of NIS Vadim Yakovlev.