NIS Supported 17th Pančevo Jazz Festival

November 11, 2014

The Company has recognized the importance of this cultural event remarkable for its superb programme and prominent jazz musicians. Fans of this music genre had the opportunity to listen to the performances of world-renowned jazz musicians such as John Abercrombie, Anat Cohen, Mark Turner, Steve Kuhn, Joachim Khun and many others. In addition to the abundant musical programme, visitors had the opportunity to see a documentary film titled Love about the famous eponymous Polish jazz band, as well as a photography exhibition of Goran Nikolic titled Friday Nights at Apolo, attend the promotion of the jazz publication of the publishing house Utopia, participate in jazz journalism workshops, enjoy the gigs at the Yard club and the Cultural Centre Foyer, as well as presentations and public classes of jazz students of the Faculty of Music and jazz students of the Music School Josif Marinkovic from Vrsac. The Cooperation for Development Programme has been designed to strengthen the partnerships with local communities in which NIS operates and it has been implemented for six consecutive years. The public competition titled "Together for Community" has been part of the Programme for the third year in a row. This year, the competition is implemented in cooperation with 11 municipalities. Projects selected in the public competition contribute to the development of local communities, facilitate functioning of many institutions and improve the work of cultural, educational and sports institutions.