NIS Supported Bike Rock Mission 2012

July 2, 2012

Humanitarian caravan named «Motorbike Rock Mission 2012» departed from a NIS PETROL petrol station in Belgrade to Kosovska Mitrovica where a rock concert is planned for the end of the day and in which well known rock bands will take part. For the third consecutive year NIS supports this project which is organized by Harley Davidson Serbia. For all participants in the Mission, over 1 500 motorbikers, the Company secured free fuelling at two petrol stations of NIS PETROL, in Belgrade and Kragujevac, located on the highway to Kosovska Mitrovica. “One of the business priorites of the Company is to create a modernized and unified network of petrol stations all over Serbia under the renewed brand of NIS PETROL, offering to the consumers motor fuels according to European standard and high quality of service. In addition, NIS fulfills its social role by supporting this humanitarian caravan, as presented today, and to which we relate by the values promoted by NIS, such as driving energy, efficiency and goal orientation”, said Nadezda Korobeynikova, Deputy Exucutive Director of NIS Sales and Distribution Block for Retail. Petrol stations at which free fuelling is secured for motobikers: in Belgrade at petrol station «Zmaj 2» and in Kragujevac at petrol station «Kragujevac 3», are parts of modernized retail network, under the renewed brand NIS PETROL. The Company at the beginning of 2012 started renewing the recognized Serbian brand NIS Petrol, and by present 11 petrol stations have been modernized, while by 2014 around 250 retail sites will be modernized. The synonym for NIS PETROL brand is high quality of service and European standard fuel.