NIS-supported Creative Playground Opened in Kalemegdan

May 24, 2015

The new play area in Kalemegdan is part of the project of constructing creative playgrounds for Serbian children implemented by the Belgrade Fashion Design association. It was made under European standards within the HUMAN CITIES project, and its main specificity is an interesting and innovative design which makes it an inspiring and safe play area. This project was implemented as part of the last year's Together for the Community competition with 14 other projects in Belgrade supported by NIS in the total amount of 20 million dinars. NIS has been implementing the local community support programme for seven consecutive years, so as many as 152 projects will be implemented in Serbian towns this year, with the budget of 110.5 million dinars. Nearly 800 million dinars has been invested in the programme so far, resulting in the implementation of over 600 projects which helped to develop local communities, facilitated the operation of numerous institutions and improved the operation of cultural, educational and sports establishments. The Together for the Community public competition is a segment of NIS' social responsibility put in practice under the slogan Future at Work.