NIS supported Mammoth Fest in Kikinda

September 11, 2012

NIS supported this year’s children’s event Mammoth Fest in Kikinda which was attended by several thousands of visitors. Every year this festival gains greater attention of both visitors and meda. Particular attention was attracted by the exhibition "World of Fish“, as well as by the "Jurrasic Quiz“ for elementary school children, and particularly by the workshops "Prehistoric Hunter – Mammoth Hunt“ and "Little Detectives“. At the end of the program, the children were entertained by an artistic ensamble "Gusani u magli". The ensamble wished them to visit the event again through a creative and interactive show. NIS, who traditionally supportst the Mammoth Fest, intends to enable the promotion and protection of natural heritage, world heritage and cultural tradition and all of this - through fun and education of children. The support provided to Mammoth Fest is a part of the more general program named Cooperation Based Development through which the company offers cooperation for this and the following year and also encourages initiatives and projects which otherwise could not contribute to the development of the society by its creative and humanitarian ideas.