NIS Supported Maths Contest in Croatia

April 30, 2014

On Monday, the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb staged an official ceremony to declare winners in Croatia’s 5th Mathematics Contest. For the first time our company supported this year’s Contest as part of its corporate programme "Power of Knowledge". Following the national competition, the 22 best ranking students from the 1st to 4th high school grade have been invited to take part at the Croatian Mathematical Olympiad (HMO) held in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian Mathematical Society and supported by NIS. Best placed students in state competition took the qualification tests on 14 - 15 April, and on Sunday, April 27, the second round of the Contest took place, when ten finalists did final tests, competing for the membership of a team to participate at the International Mathematics Olympiad. Snezana Lakićević, NIS liaison officer with universities, together with Hrvoje Kraljević, president of the Croatian Mathematical Society, presented awards to the most successful students. Students with the best score were granted the "Power of Knowledge" statuette, are also Croatia’s national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad to be held in South Africa in June. NIS will support this event as well. Knowledge Olympics, nation-wide competitions in sciences (mathematics, physics and chemistry) and the Russian language in Serbia and the region, held under the auspices of the NIS programme "Power of Knowledge", which the company dedicates to the development of high school and university students, primarily in science and technology. Promoting genuine values, science in the first place, is the focus of NIS' corporate social responsibility.