NIS Supports 16th Art Biennial in Pančevo

September 22, 2014

The exhibit aims at perfecting Pančevo’s cultural scene with main and side-line programme taking place at various city venues: Contemporary Art Gallery, lobbies of Pančevo Cultural Centre and City Hall, National Museum, Vojvodina cinema, History Archives, the premises of the future legacy of Milorad Bata Mihajovic and Elektrika Galery within Pančevo Cultural Centre.

NIS supports this manifestation within its corporate support to local community development
The project has been selected in “Common Cause – Community” competition, and is intended to facilitate projects in sports, culture, environment, science and charity in cities and municipalities, where NIS operates. The exhibitions, that will last till 10 October, deal with new sculpture as a sort of anti monument, sculpture in the extended field, sift installations, anti sculpture and post sculpture.