NIS Supports Conference of Danube River Shipping Company Managers

October 2, 2015

The director of NIS’ Bunkering Sector, Mihajlo Đurović, presented to the attendees an array of services offered by the company in the area of bunkering, pointing out that the company currently holds the leadership position in the middle-Danube ship bunkering market, and announcing NIS’ future plans in this business segment. “NIS is considering the possibilities of a further expansion of the bunkering station network, while at the same time working on starting collaboration with other bunkering companies for the purposes of breaking into regional markets as well. In line with its development strategy, NIS continuously improves its services, which results in the steady growth of its freight and passenger fleet share on the Danube and the growth of all business unit indicators,” Mihajlo Đurić said in a statement. Mihailo Djurovic, Bunker Sector Director at NIS The conference gathered many bunkering experts and domestic and foreign river shipping company representatives, aiming to point to the challenges, exchange experiences, and improve collaboration in improving the quality of the Danube river traffic services. “The Conference of the Danube River Shipping Company Managers is a unique and excellent opportunity for NIS to show to all its bunkering partners how much effort the company puts into developing this business segment,” Konstantin Tarasov, Director of the Sales Channels Department at NIS, said in a statement. Currently NIS has five active bunkering stations in Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, Veliko Gradište, and Prahovo, which are equipped in line with all the occupational safety and environmental protection standards.