NIS Supports Humanitarian Tournament Pick and Roll Up

September 6, 2015

NIS has supported this project as part of the “Together for the Community” competition with the aim of improving the living conditions of socially vulnerable families from Serbia and the region. The Pick and Roll Up project was started in 2012 in collaboration with the Basketball Federation of Serbia in order to help solve the growing problem of poverty and to provide the basic hygienic living for a great many families. The aim of the project is to collect funds necessary for the construction and renovation of bathrooms for socially vulnerable multi-member families in Serbia. NIS has supported this project through the open competition “Together for the Community”, intended for the development of the local community in which the company conducts business. As part of the competition, as many as 152 projects will be supported this year in cities across Serbia, with the budget amounting to 110.5 million dinars. The projects selected in the open competition contribute to the development of local communities, facilitate the operation of numerous institutions, and improve the work of cultural, educational, and sports centres. Supporting the local community is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme, implemented under the slogan “Future at Work”.