NIS Supports Kindergarten Playground Reconstruction in Čačak

October 28, 2014

The joint playground of the kindergartens of Bambi and Sunce, which now offers a much wider range of equipment, was opened at a ceremony today. New playgrounds will also be opened at the Bosko Buha, Majski cvet and Nadezda Petrovic kindergartens on 29, 30 and 31 October respectively. The funds for the kindergarten playground reconstruction were granted as part of the competition Together for the Community organised by NIS, which strives to improve the conditions in which children grow up by means of various projects it supports and in this way more than 1600 children will have a play and recreational area. The playground reconstruction project was selected as part of the Cooperation for Development programme, which supports projects in the areas of sports, culture, ecology, science and humanitarian activities in the towns and municipalities in which NIS performs its business operations. The Cooperation for Development programme has been designed in order to strengthen partner ties with the local communities in which NIS does business and has been implemented for six consecutive years. The Together for the Community public competition has been implemented as part of this programme for three years now. This year the competition has been conducted in cooperation with 11 municipalities. The projects selected in the public competition contribute to the development of local communities, facilitate the operation of numerous institutions and improve the activity of cultural, educational and sports institutions.