NIS supports local communities across Serbia

May 15, 2012

Daily newspaper „Press”

NIS published an open call for funding of projects that involve sports, culture, ecology, science and humanitarian activities in local communities across Serbia during 2012. Interested parties can send their propositions until June 1st, 2012, respectively until 12.00h, exclusively at email address By implementing public invitation for founding of projects in local communities, that company established a new concept of support towards activities that aid the development of local community, in course of the program “Cooperation for the purpose of development”. The competition is intended for associations, foundations, humanitarian nongovernmental and other organizations, as well as individuals-young talents from municipalities and cities with which NIS has agreements on cooperation. Through a joint action, NIS desires to motivate and support the creativity and responsibility of organizations and individuals and to contribute to creation of better future and more humane society.