NIS Supports “Polet” Exhibition

March 25, 2013

As a part of the Culture without Frontiers Programme, NIS j.s.c. will support the organisation of the "Polet" exhibition, scheduled for opening for 27 March in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. The exhibition will be hosted by the Art Gallery and the Podroom Gallery within the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, 6 Knez Mihajlova Street, and will be on view until 13 April. The gallery is opened from Monday to Saturday from noon to 20:00 hours. The POLET exhibition will show the most representative newspaper advertisements published in the "Economic Policy" weekly from 1969 to 1980. This is a sort of an anthology of the time depicting, through a visual narrative, the relationship between the market and commerce, the need to approach consumers and the expansion of marketing rules and concept. Rich visual material is systematically displayed on more than 100 luminous panels accompanied by specific data, so that the entire exhibition functions as a large info-graphics depicting the spirit and social structure of the Yugoslav times in the most suitable manner. The second half of the sixties in the past century in Yugoslavia was marked by the attempt of a huge commercial reform, i.e. introduction of market into the socialist economy. Changes in the system brought about a genuine revolution in the commerce's relationship to consumers. Companies and banks began to struggle for their position in the market, seeking their own public space. The establishment of new market economy brought about new aesthetics, on display for all visitors of the Polet exhibition.